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Discover United Nude's latest women's shoe collection for spring and summer 2024. A beautiful mix of warm, fun-loving colors, architectural designs, and a bohemian flair. Immerse yourself in a world of vibrant pastel tones that make Rem Koolhaas' unique designs shine. From elegant sandals with low heels to futuristic wedges and stylish high-heel sandals, the new collection offers a variety of designs for every occasion. The high models are not only stylish, but also comfortable - perfect for long summer days and nights full of adventure.

Discover new, exciting strap sandals and wedge sandals that are bursting with freedom, individuality, and their avant-gardist charm. Open, breathable sneaker like ankle-boots made from high quality mesh fabrics combine elegant silhouettes with modern, lightweight materials perfect for strolling through the summer in comfort and style. The extravagant strap sandals, mesh slippers and modern platform sneakers are perfect shoes for events and appearances of all kinds where it is important to show individuality. Every UN shoe is an expression of creativity and innovation - carefully designed to provide both style and comfort. With United Nude you can be sure that you are not only going to look great but you’ll feel great too. The brands trademark the architectural heels are real eye-catchers, grabbing a lot of attention everywhere!

Welcome to the world of United Nude - where high-quality materials, exciting colors, architecture, design and bohemian style come together to form an incomparable shoe experience.

Exclusive for Central Europe in our store!