Patrizia Bonfanti spring boots

Patrizia Bonfanti spring boots

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United Nude Delta Run Stijl - blue red plateu sandals in the colorway Stijl. They feature the colors of the famous dutch art group De Stijl

Art and fashion

The new United Nude Delta Run available in the colors of the famous dutch De Stijl artist collective

United Nude sandals "Sonar Nomadic Mid" in the colorway resort

Sandals that make your heart beat faster

United Nude sandal "Sonar Nomadic Mid" in the colorway resort

United Nude Sneaker Mega 1 in the colorway "resort"

Walking on clouds

with our luxurious sneakers. Try the new United Nude sneaker "Mega 1"

Sneaker highlights for activities with style

United Nude collection 2023 fresh styles, futuristic colors

Sandals of your dreams elegance and lightness

Alluringly different

Elegant lines and the striking heel made from acrylic glass. It's what makes the UN Spark Hi a timeless model.

Street-Style or Catwalk

These all-white beauties fit every event 

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